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On-the-go Reusable Stalls ?

Exhibitions are commonly organized by business and we help our customers in the designs of the stalls and setting them up. We have certain readymade and common designs form which you can choose and you can also go with some customized designs.

Custom Exhibition Stall Design and Build

Our custom built exhibition stall designs combine the creativity of a unique space concept that is aligned to your marketing strategy with customized exhibition stall features. Our complete solutions for exhibition stalls and rich experience helps deliver the right choice of exhibition stall design at the right place, time and a competitive budget. You can be rest assured to have the best show ever. Our in-house team of exhibition stall designer in Mumbai understands specific needs of different industries and following a detailed briefing from you will create concepts to cater to your show objective. On finalizing a concept with you, we have a dedicated execution team that is allocated for the exhibition stall project. This team plans and executes the entire exhibition stall from design to bring it to reality in the pre determined time frame. In some cases, we create a scaled model of the exhibition stall to enable you to walk through and make any last minute changes.

Portable and Modular Exhibition Stall

If you are looking for multiple exhibition stalls with zero wastage, you may choose the portable and modular exhibition stalls from Evince Creations. Here we have a range of high quality and reliable pre engineered systems to cater to your specific requirements to the fullest. Our team of exhibition stall designers is trained and especially skilled to use the modular systems and build exhibition stalls that have a customized look and feel but a standardized structure as the backbone. This enables you to reuse the same structure for multiple exhibition stalls by reconfiguring them for different exhibition spaces, thereby reducing your overall expenses per show. Once a stall design for exhibition is made based on a detailed brief from you, a pre show built up is done at our works before printing the graphics. This enables you to walk through the exhibition stall and tweak the design wherever necessary and possible. Once the design is finalized and graphics are printed, the entire exhibition stall is packed in dedicated cases and dispatched to the exhibition ground. Our team of trained experts can build the exhibition stall for you and hand it over at the eve of the show.

Events and Conferences

We are nationally recognized event planning & organizing company based in Delhi. We started with a purpose to provide one stop solutions for all your Event-related worries. Evince Creations specializes in corporate events as well as non commercial events. we also highly recommended for conference event organizing and Seminars. We have always delighted ourselves on being more than just event organizer firm. We expertise in creating a specific industry business platform like no other by bringing together Brands and the consumers under one roof to celebrate new ideas and encourage creativity. We proudly present STAGE WORLD, a complete production house having all the experience & capabilities of producing & managing exhibition & events. The in-house staging unit, fabrication & designing workshop, audio visual equipment & basic sound is our biggest asset to provide the state of the art equipment, technical staff and experienced event support around the world.

Event planning & Artist management

EVINCE CREATIONSEvent Management services provides professional event planning, promotions & marketing, concert production & tour management services for faith-based artists, ministries and non-profit organizations. We have organized, administrated, and managed tours, special events and concerts in Asia. Our teams have ranged in size from three persons (artist, personal assistant, and road manager) to over 75 persons (artist, band, dancers, tech crew, evangelism team, medical team, etc.).

Our Event Management Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Preliminary Setup and Planning
  2. Brand Design & Management
  3. Team Management
  4. 1. Recruit Committees

    2. Determine scope of responsibilities for all committees

    3. Clearly establish budgets for each committee

  5. Event Coordination and Management
  6. 1. Setup onsite registration and check-in

    2. Coordinate daily activities of each department

  7. Marketing & Promotions – event branding, social media setup & management, online event registration, event website development & hosting, post-event survey. Also responsible for radio, print and digital advertising.

Commercial & Non Commercial Events.

A corporate event is, unsurprisingly, any event sponsored by a business for its employees, clients, or potential clients. Corporate events in India can range from sprawling industry conventions to small office holiday parties. Regardless of the type of event in question, corporate event planners can be a huge asset for planning entertainment. In addition to helping bring your vision to life with the right lighting, decorations and ambiance, planning companies can provide numerous options for corporate entertainment.

Types of Corporate Events

Business Dinners

A business dinner is a way to let everyone meet a new hire, celebrate milestones, or simply let workers take a break and mingle. Event planning can turn these events into strong builders of social ties and relationships that contribute to a better work team.

Networking Events

These are large mixers that feature the gathering of various parties within a specific industry including employees, clients, possible clients, and more. The idea is for people to relax and talk business or whatever else comes to mind. As with any form of networking, starting the relationship is the main goal at these types of events and the right corporate entertainment can get folks laughing, chatting, and maybe dancing.

Seminars & Corporate Conferences.

Corporate events done with a touch of class Corporate events are one of our specialties, with few companies in Asia having more experience in conferences, exhibitions, seminars, awards and corporate brand experiences than us. At EVINCE CREATIONS we work with your company to build an event from the ground up. Whether you are a well-known global brand, or a small business just getting started, we’ll design, create and deliver to meet your marketing strategies and business goals.

Purpose: Organizations plan and hold these meetings with targeted audiences and provide them with relevant information.

Description: Seminars are usually shorter events, lasting a couple hours to a few workdays. They have single or multiple speakers and generally keep all participants together in the same space. Conferences, on the other hand, typically have multiple sessions. They are usually held at hotels, beginning with a keynote session and then offering breakout sessions by topic.

Brand Activation

One-stop solution for reusable, scalable and portable brand activation setups Evince Creations Brand Activation designs, develops and delivers premium brand activation setups designed categorically for numerous promotional activities. Be it mall activation, corporate activation, RWA activation or miscellaneous btl marketing activities; our versatile brand activation setups will give your brand an ideal platform to communicate and charm your target group.

Mall Activation

Empower your brand through effective mall activation Mall Activation enables brands to leverage the point-of-sale platform. Mall promotions are widely popular since they attract an extensive variety of audience. Malls provide an ideal stage for brands to woo and engage their target audience. Evince Creations has successfully catered to many renowned brands for their mall promotions. Evince Creations entire range of modular solutions is meticulously designed to offer you a hassle-free BTL activation experience. Scalable mall activation setups - In most malls across the country, brand promotion setups cannot be more than 7 feet in height. Some malls may permit promotional setups of upto 10 feet in height but 7 feet is a standard size for mall activation setups. Our brand activation setups are specifically designed to meet these requirements. Our brand activation setups are scalable in height; hence they are perfect for mall activation Carpet flooring for the mall activation setup - Use of carpet and raised floorings is a requisite for mall activation across the country. Evince Creations Brand Activation provides you with the desired flooring be it carpet or platform for your mall promotional activities A tool-free installation of the mall activation setup - For mall activation, you require setups that can be installed without any drilling and carpentry. Evince Creations Brand Activation designs and manufactures modular mall activation setups. The assembly and dismantling process of these setups in a tool-free and clutter-free process Lightweight and portable brand activation setup - Be it the ground floor or the fourth floor of a mall, our mall activation setups can be installed anywhere. The mall activation setups manufactured by Insta are extremely light weight. They come in compact and sturdy packaging (perfect for both storage and transportation) and are easy to move around

Corporate Activation

Targeted promotions through corporate activation Corporate activation presents a forum to showcase your brand and products to the prospective clients in a corporate environment. The target group in a corporate gamut is different from that of a mall or society. Here, the clients are more aware of the ongoing market trends and are interested only in the products that cater to them. So, in order to grasp the attention of these clients, you need to have an effective corporate activation plan that is viable and builds a strong brand image. Corporate activation presents a forum to showcase your brand and products to the prospective clients in a corporate environment. The target group in a corporate gamut is different from that of a mall or society. Here, the clients are more aware of the ongoing market trends and are interested only in the products that cater to them. So, in order to grasp the attention of these clients, you need to have an effective corporate activation plan that is viable and builds a strong brand image. Keeping the sensibilities of the corporate setup in mind, Insta Activation Solutions designs promotional setups exclusively for the corporate audience. Setups that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor promotions - Insta manufactures brand activation setups that are dust and weather resistant. Our graphics can withstand not only the harsh sun but also the rains yet still maintain their vividness. The robust corporate activation setup is ideal for both indoor and outdoor corporate promotions Abiding by the statutory rules of the corporate venues - Most corporate venues have a strict set of rules and regulations when it comes to promotional activities. Team Insta carefully abides by the said rules and regulations of the corporate venue in question to ensure that your promotional activity goes on without any hitch Additional props to add exclusivity to the setup - You can get a series of additional accessories with the corporate activation setup. Choose from the array of interactive or standard kiosks, pop-up displays and promoter tables to give your setup a customized look. Make your corporate activation engaging with these add-ons. Each and every commercial building in India has its own set of guidelines, rules and regulations for promotional activities. If you entrust the assembly and dismantling process of your brand activation setups to Insta, we will ensure that every statutory guideline is met with and your promotional setup is in accordance with the commercial areas regulatory standards.

Product Launch

Is your company launching a new product and are you looking to generate the most buzz possible from both existing customers and new customers?Are you launching a brand new business that could use a massive boost in PR, buzz, and attention from your target customers? Backed by millions of dollars worth of products sold online across many industries, our product launch consulting services will rocket your sales.Backed by over 2 dozen launches, we know what it takes to put your company on the map, bring in massive sales, and build a loyal following of fans. When you launch your company, go big. You've got one shot. One opportunity to let the world know about your new product or company. Why not shoot for the stars to create an epic company and story right out of the gates? Why crawl into the marketplace when you can sprint and generate a massive buzz? What you need is a company or product launch... What you need is a launch plan and perfect execution. We can help you.

Society Activation

Society activation offers a platform to engage your target audience in a pragmatic environment, one that they are comfortable in! Extremely popular in the FMCG industry, many other brands too are exploring society promotions. Society activation is perfect for engaging an entire family or just targeted group of customers within a family. Society brand activation is gaining huge popularity because it brings the product to the end user. Evince Creations Brand Activation designs setups that will help will make your society activation effective in the true sense of the word.

How can Evince Creations help with your society activation?

Indoor + outdoor society activation solutions - The society activation setups are skillfully made to cater to both outdoor and indoor requirements. Hence you needn’t worry about your promotional graphics losing their vividness. Not only with your promotional booth withstand the unpredictable ground and environment but so will your marketing message

Sturdy and stable society activation setups - Society activation also calls for uneven grounds or unstable platforms, at times. So, the availability of platform provides steadiness to the society activation setups. The honeycomb platform gives a stable foot to the activation setup

Weather proof setups -Intuitively made brand activation setups are built to resist the wear and tear of the weather. Evince Creations offers dust-free and weather-proof setups. Our activation setups are also UV resistant and can sustain all-weather conditions, making them the perfect solution for society activation

Portable - Depending on the size of the setup, they can be packed in minimum number of cases. Our setups are extremely handy and can be transported by bike, car or a minivan as well. This not helps in cost cutting but also makes covering more societies in a given area, on the same day, much easier

Branding retail

One-stop solution for reusable, scalable and portable brand activation setups Evince Creations Brand Activation designs, develops and delivers premium brand activation setups designed categorically for numerous promotional activities. Be it mall activation, corporate activation, RWA activation or miscellaneous btl marketing activities; our versatile brand activation setups will give your brand an ideal platform to communicate and charm your target group. Our multi-purpose brand activation setups can be reused for various promotional activities and numerous times as well. They are scalable in size, which makes our brand activation setups adaptable. Despite their versatility our brand activation setups are portable and user-friendly. Brand activation services : 1.Concept Creation 2.Space Designing 3.Manufacturing and Logistics 4.Projest Supervision 5.Execution & Dismantling Modular and Reusable Solutions - Evince Creations Brand Activation develops meticulously designed modular activation setup for various promotional activities. Apart from being user-friendly, these activation setups are reusable and can be used multiple times. So, if you have brand promotions lined up for an entire year or two then Insta Brand Activation setups are your best bet. Buy it once and reuse the same brand activation setup for years to come Reconfigurable Solutions - Our Brand Activation kits are reconfigurable which allows you to explore various design possibilities. With our setups you can get a unique look every time you promote your brand. Our activation kits can be easily re-modeled' to fit different spaces at different promotions and events Quick to build - The pre-engineered parts of our modular activation setups help in swift installation. This ensures that you do not have to commission extra manpower, thereby reducing labor costs at every installation Lightweight and portable - Unlike other activation setups available in the market, the Insta Brand Activation setups are lightweight and compact. These activation setups can be easily packed in riveted cased, thereby saving transport and storage costs. Along with being easy to carry, the activation setups are portable that enables ease of transport

Digital marketing solutions

Different customers have different content needs. Our digital marketing platform rapidly launches and updates your marketing site based on user behavior, customer feedback or competitor moves. And impactful digital marketing campaigns require connecting with your customers at the right time and place.We feel pride in endowing our clients with the entire online web services under one roof at the very competitive price. We are basically based in India with a team of certified and expert designer, developers and Internet marketing professionals.

Content Optimization

As it is said that "Content Is King," the first thing we do is content optimization. We get you 100% unique content for your website which is user-friendly. We have world-class writers and they have tons of experience of creating innovative contents. When we strive hard to create quality contents, we get positive results from the search engine in the form of improvement in ranking immediately. Our designing services include new responsive website design and re-design your website to provide an essential facet to your website by implementing the maximum creativity. At our web designing company, we use the set of web designing tools like Photoshop to achieve success online for each of your client. Becoming the thriving web designing services in India our aim is to build up winning business results on the web.

On Page Optimization

Once the content work is done, it´s time for on page optimization. Many inexperience internet marketers do not consider this one as important as off page. But many of them are not aware of the fact that if the on page of the website is not optimized in the exact way, it will never rank on the search engines. We have the right plan and strategy to optimize your website in such a way that within no time it will rank on top of the search engines.

Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization is the most important part of digital marketing, as it can get your website viral on internet with many techniques. We have a team of expert SEO to handle all the projects effectively. Our firm provides link building, guest posting, social media promotion and many more techniques to rank your website higher. We optimize your website for all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. This depends up on your requirement and willingness.

Social Media Optimization

As we are well aware of social media, you can expect your business to spread furiously in the internet world. We promote your website on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, and Tumblr. There are many other social networking sites that can give you quicker results. It is believed that only social media optimization can rank your website on the top. We believe in results and we give our best to achieve your goals.


When it comes to PPC (Pay Per Click), most of the investors feel that they might be in loss or couldn´t earn profit. But when you work with us, we give you assurance that your business will reach to new heights and will beat all the competitors of yours. We have different plans for various domains. For more information you can contact us now!

Penalty Recovery

Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and manual penalties are the most dangerous risks to your website. Once you are hit by any one of these, it is next to impossible to get through it for an ordinary person. But, we at EVINCE CREATIONS make sure that your website doesn´t be affected for longer period. Our firm applies certain techniques and idea, which will make your website recover from any kind of penalty.

Interior Concepts

Interior Concepts is established by a team of professionals having diverse experience of more than 20 years in field of Interior Designing, Civil Construction, Crating& Packing. All the professionals from these different fields have joined hands together and formed a Fully professional company to provide “ONE HAND SINGLE ROOF SOLUTIONS” in the specialized field of civil construction, Interior Designing and Crating and packing at the best economical price with best possible and timely services.


We at “Interior Concepts” introduce ourselves as engineering contractors that have gained a reputation for our excellence in providing a package of services ranging from concepts to execution. We are a diligent & progressive group of experienced & talented engineers & designers, committed to professional excellence, forming a dynamic engineering entity & management project team.

Service Overview

We provide exceptional service to our customers the first time and every time & always strive to make every aspect of our work more effective & efficient. Our commitment is to provide complete solutions to our clients with top quality work that is vital to the job from beginning to end. Our architecture is driven by a belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether at home, in the workplace, the cultural building or the public realm. We have architects on our panel, who are capable of providing you unique designs that suit your needs and budget. We provide you with the most practical and functional designs - that too at substantial cost savings. We interpret your ideas and vision, creating an inspirational and distinctive interior, finished to the highest quality standards.

Scope Of Work

  • Civil & Structure Building Works
  • Structure Steel works
  • Turnkey Building & Interior works
  • Interior & furnishing Works Including Loose Wooden & Steel Furniture
  • Modular Kitchens
  • Wooden, tile and marble or PVC Flooring
  • Steel fabrication/Grill, Gates
  • Water Supply & sanitary Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Air Conditioners Works
  • Horticulture Works
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Service for civil Sanitary, Water supply
  • nterior Furniture, Security & Electrical Works
  • Crating and Packing Work

Key Members

Our team is the most critical element in achieving our mission. Accordingly, we are committed to the Human Resource Practices based on excellence, fair treatment & equal opportunity. Our team consists of:

  • Project Managers
  • Designers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Site Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Interior Decorators
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Painters

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration. The field is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design, but sometimes the term "graphic design" is used synonymously.

Logo Designing

As an experienced Logo design company in Delhi we take the onus on ourselves to give our clients the identity which helps them get respect and is capable of portraying the company values, objective and mission. Logo Designing work sounds to be very simple but is all the more complex due to the very nature of expectations one has from the company logo.

Understanding that the Logo will be the face of the company and people including the customers, vendors and staff will recognize it as the identity they work with, importance of an experienced logo design company becomes all the more critical. A brand's visual identity is a way of depicting the ethos, vision and mission it carries, one just cannot afford to miss the same.Your identity needs to be direct, self-explanatory yet eye catchy. Logo being the center point of all the identity is always carried out after validating background of industry and company philosophy. At EVINCE CREATIONS we work diligently towards evolving your brand identity to the best of its form. We are always finding new ways to evolve your identity and take a step ahead.

Our corporate logo design process starts with a brief from the client as to their expectations and requirements that the logo should fulfill. Which also includes answers to the preferred colors, the tag line, the company name other likes and dislikes. We then come up with few logo design options for the client to give us feedback on and from their process of fine tuning and modifying continue till the client is not convinced with the final logo.

We at EVINCE CREATIONStake pride in taking this responsibility and get involved with your logo design work as a team and not just any logo design company in Delhi. Over the years we have offered our logo design solution to numerous clients in Delhi and few others globally. Another very critical advantage that we offer over other logo designing companies in Delhi is that we offer you complete design solutions like Stationery design, Brochure Design, Email Design, Website Design, Multimedia Presentation Designing, Internet Marketing services and not just Corporate Logo Designing. As a matter of fact, our exposure to various Medias helps us to understand the technicalities and the limitation that a company logo should meet so as to be compatible with various forms of media and software's used by various agencies.

Business Stationary Design

Once your Company Logo (Brand Identity) is designed and finalized the next step for every company is to design its business stationery. As we all understand that any business involves a lot of communication with its clients, vendors, team members or any third party for that matter, an effective method and presentation in business communication can help to create a better brand image and position. EVINCE CREATIONS helps you get the right kind of design and layout for your Business Stationery Design which mainly includes Visiting cards, Envelops and Letter Head designing.

Visiting Cards: When it comes to visiting cards, they ought to have a very effective look and feel. For they might have a deep impact on a person the very moment he looks at them. Visiting cards come in an array of sizes, shapes, designs, colors, etc. None the less, more original the blend of color, design and font used in visiting cards, the better it is in making a statement. Not only comprising of the Company's Logo, Name and Contact details but there is also a lot of scope for innovation and creativity in a business card designing.

Envelops: Envelop is not merely used to cover a letter, it has to speak a lot about the company, for a person who receives a company's letter, even as he is about to tear away the envelope, he will for a few moments hold back and admire the look and feel of an envelope. They come in many variety to cover up different types of content right from a simple letter to even catalogues and booklets. None the less, when it comes to a client, customer or a prospect for that matter, an envelope with a single look may seal the fate. Envelops are also an effective way of advertising as they generally are more visible to other people.

Letterhead: As important as the envelopes that cover it, letterheads usually comprise of contents that are important and to be seriously considered by the person reading them. This is the very reason that make and design of a letterhead is very important. Letterhead are generally used to write type or print content and hence have more blank space for writing, while at the top or in the corners; a company's name and logo are printed.

Website Design Services

Website Design is no longer considered as small time activity for any business, be it in Mumbai or New York. With the growth of Internet, websites have become the best marketing and informational tool to market ones product or service, be it to its local audience from specific area or a regional target market like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Nasik, etc. or International customers for exporters and manufacturers for India, USA, UK, Australia, etc. A good website design with some nice content can help you to improve your brand image, increase your sales and deliver better customer satisfaction levels.

It's an art of shaping your dreams into an authoritative design or website that will serve as a bridge between your business objectives and your target audience. It conveys your true moral and ethical values and thoughts that revolve around your entire business prodigy. At EVINCE CREATIONS, we acknowledge that every single website, be it static or dynamic, responsive or an e-commerce, how crucial it is to design and develop it in the most interactive and efficient corporate website for your business. We are certainly the trusted partners you have been waiting for website designing and development, as we have achieved this proficiently, over and over, time and again.

At EVINCE CREATIONS we provide you following Digital Design services-

  • Website Banners
  • Social Media posts
  • Email Design
  • Presentation Templates
  • Website Templates
  • UI design

Print Design

Print Design is a great source to convey information about your brand or company to the customers. It gives an appeal to the product and reflects the identity of a brand. With a great printed design you can build a brand and stand out from the crowd .A good print design maximizes your sales and revenues.

At EVINCE CREATIONS we provide you following Print Design Services:

  • Flyer
  • Brochure
  • Catalogue
  • Poster Design
  • Flex Design
  • Vinyl Printing

Packaging Design

We at EVINCE CREATIONS understand our client’s business and requirements and provide commercial printing and packaging services. Both printing and efficient packaging are necessary for a brand’s reputation and we ensure that we provide you the best work. We always work out innovative ideas to promote and enhance the brand image. We put high emphasis on understanding our client’s requirements. We offer you various types of packaging design services customized, standard or any other type based on your requirement.

We provide you following services:

  • Box Design
  • Pouch Design
  • Label Design
  • Stickers Design

Printing Solutions

Although there have been great advancements since the first Guttenberg printing press, printing is still an art requiring quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a wide variety of press sizes and formats, we have the capability to produce complex eight color brochures as well as simple two color newsletters. This diversification allows us to utilize the right resources for your project.


Attract attention to your store & get noticed at tradeshows or outdoor events.

Banner – when you want to broadcast your message out loud!

Need to draw attention to your storefront? Want to get noticed at an exposition, trade show or outdoor event? A personalized banner– easy to customize with your logo – is the perfect way to make your message unmissable.

What is a Banner?

As a small business owner, you’ve only got a few seconds to grab customers’ attention. A banner helps you get that attention. It is basically a piece of material with a design, message and photo and is usually hung in strategic public places to increase brand awareness or spread the word at corporate events such as tradeshows and exhibitions.

Poster Design & Printing

Design Print Solutions is Best Poster Designing and Printing services providers in Delhi. With our professionals, we provide Poster Design Services to our respective clients. We use latest technology, advanced software & machine to offer these kinds of services. Our designed posters are widely used in Malls, public utility areas, bus stands, railway stations, seminars, conferences etc. As per requirements of our valuable clients, these Posters Design Services are provided in different colors and concept. Our posters are extremely admired by our clients for their creative & useful texts, attractive graphics, boosted images, visually appealing designs and new ideas. We offer poster designing services, at lowest prices.

Materials We Use

Matte Paper

Photo Gloss Paper

We give you a choice of matte or gloss photo paper. Both are 45 lb weight, more than twice that of normal copier paper.

Photo Gloss paper has the shiny look of a glossy photo. The matte paper is just that, it will not give reflections.

Colors are more vibrant on the Photo Glossy paper, but only slightly so. It is also a little more expensive.

Matte and Gloss Lamination

We offer both matte and gloss lamination. Both are 5 mil thickness and applied to both sides of the print. We normally give you a 1/8" sealing edge around the print. We print on matte paper when laminating. Matte laminate won't give you reflection trouble; gloss lamination makes your colors "pop".

Crystal Lamination

For trade show displays, we recommend crystal lamination. It's an extra heavy material with a textured surface that lets the colors through beautifully but breaks the glare of trade show lighting. Total thickness of crystal laminate on matte paper is 23 mils.

All our laminates are hot applied, so they won't tunnel when rolled tightly.

Mounting and Direct Print Boards

We can mount prints to a number of flat materials, and we can print directly onto them with our UV printers. Foam Core Board is a slice of Styrofoam 3/16" thick with a paper front and back. Gatorboard is the same Styrofoam core but with a tough layer of moisture proof paper on either side. It's tougher and doesn't bend with changes in humidity. We can also furnish Gatorboard with a black core, and for direct printing we use either white or WBB (white face, black core and back). Sintra is a foamed PVC sheet that we stock in 1mm, 3mm, and 6mm thicknesses. Those are - .040, 1/8, and 1/4" respectively in English units. Typically we print directly on it with our UV printers. 50point board is our choice as a mounting material for photos going into frames. It's thin (50 mils, a little less than 1/16 inch), so it doesn't take a lot of space in your frame. We can direct print onto 50 point board that is 100 recycled and can be recycled with your cardboard for a completely green signage solution! Use it for 22x28 sign holders and point of purchase displays.

Sign Materials

For short term signs, we print on Coroplast, often known as "plastic cardboard." We stock it in 4mm and 10mm thicknesses (roughly 9/64 and 1/2"). It will last about 6 months, so it's a good choice For longer term signs, we print on Omega Bond, which is 1/8" of high density polyethylene clad with aluminum on both sides. We print a lot of trail and kiosk signs on this material.

Vinyl Banner Materials

We stock 13 oz. glossy vinyl and a 15 oz. matte finish banner vinyl. Use matte whenever you are indoors, since it won't give you reflection trouble. We use it a lot for backdrops. Outdoors, gloss will look better longer since the shiny surface sheds grime. We also carry an 18 oz. Across the Street Vinyl banner that should be used wherever the banner will be exposed to wind loads. It has an extra heavy nylon scrim layer that adds strength. It's also good in cold weather to -20 degrees F. Both matte and ATSV have a light blocking layer.

Backlit Materials

For backlit printing we use an 8.7 mil HP Vivid Color Backlit Film. The results are stunning! For applications that require a heavier material, we will laminate with our crystal laminate. This gives a total thickness of 23 mils for installation in trade show frames

Window Cling and Window Perf

We carry both white and clear window cling, and a 60/40 perforated window vinyl. The cling can be applied with either side facing out. Users should be careful about clear cling, since what is normally white will be clear. Talk to us if you want to use clear cling. Cling sticks to the window with static electricity, not an adhesive. The 60x40 perf has black on the adhesive side, and is printed on the white side, usually applied on the outside of the window facing out. Window perf allows someone inside to see out, but shows an image to viewers outside. The 60x40 designation means that the material is 60% vinyl, 40% holes.

VELCRO® Hook and Loop

We can apply VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners to the back of many of our materials for attachment to carpet faced trade show booths, among other things. Our standard for trade shows is to put 1/4" wide hooks on the perimeter of the back of your print. We can also furnish the loop side of the VELCRO® if you need it.

Grommets and Pole Pockets

We can hem your banner and drive grommets every two feet around, or put a pole pocket in the top and bottom to hang it on a pole.

Edge Trim

Protect the edges of Foam core and Display Board prints with plastic edge trim. Large format prints are easy to smack into door frames and trunk metal. Edge Trim takes the punishment, keeping your prints looking fresh! It comes in black, white, silver, and clear.Foamcore clips give you a means of hanging Foamcore and Display Board prints

Flex Printing Material

Flex printing is a way of outdoor advertisement of your products and services in several cities and towns through your office or by home. The printing is done in a media known as flex that undergoes a whole procedure of certain activities like designing, selection of media, quality standard, spooling to printing, laminating, proper packing and then finally delivering. Our company, EVINCE CREATIONS provides a vast ambit of flex printing services which can helps in improvising customer's marketing and advertising methodologies. Along with rendering corporate flex printing services, we also offer personalized flex printing services to our clients that meet with their requirements effectively and efficiently. Thus, if you are in search for affordable flex printing service providers, we ensure that our company will prove the best for you. The usage of flex printing has various benefits like the designs made out of them are highly durable, long lasting and colors remains vivid in nature. The material flex used in flex printing gives a shiny, smooth and glossy finish to the designs, which lasts longer as compared to other materials. Serving your different functional and corporate requirements, we provide economical flex printing solutions used in many sign boards, hoardings, blows up, transits and digital prints. The major key strengths of our company are quality, cost effectiveness, skilled in house expertise and reliability. Adhering to these strengths, our company has always strived for achieving high quality standards and excellence by proffering economical flex printing services.

Plastic Sign Boards

Corrugated plastic, also known by the brand name Coroplast®, is a versatile, extruded twin-wall plastic sheet that comes in a variety of colors. Lightweight and cost-effective, it is ideal for a wide variety of indoor and short-term outdoor uses.

Plastic Sign Tips

  • Use corrugated plastic as a substitute for poster board or card stock for interior applications. Its surface is not affected by most oils, solvents or water, and cleans easily
  • Cut through the first corrugation to create A-frame signs or table tents. The cut will also enable you to fold the sign and carry it in a briefcase or suitcase
  • You may notice faint horizontal lines when you look at corrugated plastic. It is aligned with flutes that generally run horizontally across the width of the sign

Plastic Sign Applications

  • Menu boards
  • Special event signage
  • Directional and informational signs
  • Indoor point-of-purchase signs
  • Temporary and promotional signage
  • Tradeshows

Plastic Sign Ideas

Increase the effectiveness of your corrugated plastic signs by:

  • Using stripes, borders and additional lettering colors
  • Adding a logo or graphic symbol
  • Using frames or stakes, or displaying on an easel

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are made of an extremely versatile plastic sheet with a glossy finish, which is also known as Plexiglas®. Acrylic is the perfect choice when you want signs with a sophisticated, high-tech look. Highly durable and available in a variety of colors, acrylic is often used for illuminated, architectural, tradeshow and point-of-purchase signs.

Acrylic Sign Applications

This plastic product can be heated to form many shapes. Use it to create:

  • Boxes
  • Brochure holders
  • Signs and easels, all-in-one
  • Point-of-purchase products
  • Menu boards
  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Retail signs
  • Restaurant signs
  • Nameplates and name badges
  • Directional and informational signs
  • Showroom signs
  • Office building signs

Acrylic Sign Ideas

Increase the visual effectiveness of your acrylic signs by:

  • Adding stripes and borders
  • Applying multiple lettering colors
  • Incorporating a logo or graphic symbol
  • Using multiple layers of acrylic to enhance the image
  • Creating a three-dimensional effect—giving the perception of depth to the finished product—using clear acrylic and applying a background color to the reverse side
  • Designing custom applications
  • Using bent easels

Sun Board

Sun board or Foam board is a very strong, light, and easily cut sheet material used for the mounting of vinyl prints, as backing in framing, and for painting. It usually has three layers — an inner layer of polystyrene foam and a white clay coated paper on the outside.

Apart from printing, Sun board is commonly used to prototype objects, produce architectural models, and to make casting patterns. Backgrounds for scale model displays, dioramas, and games (computer) are often produced by hobbyists from sun board. It’s often useful for photographers as a reflector for light in the studio, and in the design industry to display presentations of new products; Another use is with aero-modelers for building small radio-controlled aircraft.But nowadays sun board is widely used in India and around the world for large format printing and store branding. Photos or creative are first printed on a self-adhesive vinyl which is then mounted on to the sun board. This sun board can then be taken pasted on a wall, pillar or other flat surfaces using either double-sided adhesive tapes or nails depending on the surface. The more modern method is to print the sun board directly using a UV flatbed printing machine. UV prints on sun board last longer and are free from peeling problems.

Aluminum Signs

Lightweight, yet sturdy, aluminum is a great choice for outdoor signs. It comes in a variety of colors, and with a baked enamel finish, is highly durable, weathering the elements without rusting.

Aluminum Sign Applications

  • Pool and spa rules
  • Real estate signs
  • Parking garage signs
  • Service signs
  • Directional and informational signs
  • Building signs
  • Traffic and regulatory signs

Aluminum Sign Ideas

Increase the effectiveness of your aluminum signs by:

  • Adding stripes and borders
  • Using additional lettering colors
  • Adding a logo or graphic symbol
  • Designing custom applications
  • Using frames or stakes


Aluminum signs may be displayed in several ways:

  • Framed and staked
  • Glued to walls
  • Riveted or bolted to walls
  • Wired to fencing


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Above The Line Services (Atl)

Above The Line (ATL) advertising is where mass media is used to promote brands and reach out to the target consumers. These include conventional media as we know it, television and radio advertising, print as well as internet. This is communication that is targeted to a wider spread of audience, and is not specific to individual consumers. ATL advertising tries to reach out to the mass as consumer audience.

Below The Line Services (Btl)

Below the line (BTL) advertising is more one to one, and involves the distribution of pamphlets, handbills, stickers, promotions, brochures placed at point of sale, on the roads through banners and placards. It could also involve product demos and samplings at busy places like malls and market places or residential complexes. For certain markets, like rural markets where the reach of mass media like print or television is limited, BTL marketing with direct consumer outreach programs do make the most sense.

Other BTL activities could include roadshows, or moving hoardings with the ad of the product, and vehicles with promotional staff interacting with people demonstrating the product and distributing literature on the product. BTL advertising is advertising that uses less conventional methods of advertising that the specific channels of advertising that may or may not be used by ATL advertising to promote products and services.

Through The Line Services (Ttl)

‘TTL Marketing’ stands for ‘Through The Line Marketing‘. This kind of marketing is really an integrated approach, where a company would use both BTL and ATL marketing methods to reach their customer base and generate conversions. It might seem obvious, although not all marketing campaigns are like this – some are ATL only and some are BTL only (it would be much more common to see a BTL-only marketing campaign in practice though).

This kind of marketing delivers both a wide reach and a focus on conversions.

Complete Branding Stop

A brand identity is the larger, distinct visual look that is associated with a company.What is included under the term brand is much harder to define. It certainly encompasses the logo and the full visual position created by a strong brand identity. But it also includes many other areas that are not strictly the design side of a business.Customer service and the client experience are also a part of a brand. The idea of reputation is a critical part of defining the word brand. Some people summarize this into the very abstract idea of a promise.

Does your company have a brand identity that is more than just a logo? While a logo is a good place to start, you should consider building your “visual position” to be something larger. Building a system for your brand allows you to meet the demands of different media, while still presenting a cohesive identity.

A logo is a graphic symbol, whereas a word mark or logotype is just the words of your company or product name set in a specific, fixed way. Your logo or logotype is the core of your brand identity.

It can be a difficult to determine whether or not you need a symbol (a traditional logo) or just a logotype. Some organizations choose a only wordmark because they are simpler design projects that generally cost less. Another factor is whether or not a memorable symbol can be designed that will show how your business is unique. A well-crafted wordmark can convey a sense of professionalism without trying to visualize your brand.

Signage Art

Signage is the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group, usually for the purpose of marketing or a kind of advocacy. A signage also means signs collectively or being considered as a group

Signage gives us information’s. They let us know things. They warn us. They can also give us guidance. And it is really good because this they may or can save a life. They warn people.Signage is very popular nowadays, and it is because of the benefits we get from them. Their purposes are really good for us. There are many types of signage; there is what we call outdoor signage, internal signage, informative signage, and etc. And each signage has a different purpose.

If you are starting a business, outdoor signage is a great choice. It persuades people to come to your business if you have a good outdoor signage. It helps you boost your business swiftly, because outdoor signage announces what you and your business can offer them. It announces what your business is all about. They don’t have to come to your place to know what it is all about. And it is less hassle on your part as well.

Next, informational signage, this kind of signage can be considered as one of the most important signage we could have. They give us information. They can also be are guide, warnings. The example on the first paragraph says how important informational signage is. They could save a life. They can give us information’s that may save us or avoid ourselves from different accidents. That is why it is really important to have informational signage’s.

We also have persuasive signage. And this kind of signage is really good for businesses as well. It persuades your customers to buy or to join your business with attractive images or convincing languages. If you have a big event happening with your business, like having a midnight sale, persuasive signage’s are good to convince them to come in this kind of events.

Making customers feel welcome means all customers. Offering accessibility by way of parking, entrances/exits, restrooms, cashier stations, fitting rooms, and elevators will make disabled patrons’ experience more comfortable and enjoyable. If your location offers accessible features but doesn’t make them known, you’re doing your customers a serious disservice.

If your store uses a portable ramp with a doorbell or intercom, you will need to install an appropriate sign letting customers know they can request an employee to bring the ramp to the door. If your store’s accessible entrance is not the same as the main entryway, a sign at the main entrance must indicate where to find the accessible entrance.

Any permanent interior signs indicating bathrooms, elevators, entrances, and exits also have to include Braille and tactile characters in legible fonts and contrasting colors, and they must be mounted at specific heights (typically 40 to 60 inches from the ground) for consistency and access.